Arusha city 'Geneva of Africa'

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  • Arusha is the city in Northern Tanzania.Nestled at the base of Mount Meru,is the third largest city in Tanzania known as ‘Geneva of Africa’ and the safaris gateway to some Africa's most famous landscapes and natural famous attractions such as Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater Lake Manyara, Olduvai Gorge, Tarangire National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro and its own Arusha national park,With population of more than 1.2 million,
    the Arusha city is more than just a stopover on the way to and from safari adventures.One of the fastest growing cities in Tanzania and the best tourist destination in East Africa and a haven for mountain climbers,hikers with Mount Kilimanjaro,Mount meru and ngorongoro crater highlands just waiting to be explored. With comfortable hotels, a wide array of international restaurants and a few sites of its own, the city is a welcome oasis of tranquility and affordable accommodations with charming friendly people. Arusha is the popular stating point for tourists visiting Tanzania and East Africa for photo safaris and climbing,hiking treks adventures, An international diplomatic hub. Since 1994, Arusha hosts the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda ,headquarters for the tripartite commission for East African Co-operation,Centre for trading Tanzanite,a gemstone only found in Tanzania , Arusha International Conference centre (AICC) .With a mild climate Arusha is the multicultural city with a majority African population, minority Indian, Arab, European, American and other nationalities.
    The town was founded by German colonialists when the territory was part of German East Africa in 1900.It was named after the local tribe Wa-Arusha, who are known as Larusa by the Maasai language.
    Interesting Museum in Arusha ,Boma Museum located in the old German Boma, the original fortification constructed at the turn of the 20th century. The museum is actually made up of three small buildings with different exhibits: early human history, Tanzanian plants/animals and colonial era history of the Tanganyika, the most interesting and historical pictures of the Boma and surrounding area are a fascinating examination of life in colonial East Africa. Arusha is mostly served by Kilimanjaro International Airport for international travellers, some 50 kilometres , approximately halfway to Moshi. The airport provides international and domestic flights. Arusha Airport is a smaller domestic airport in the west of the city. It serves more than 87,000 passengers yearly, amazingly for its size. It is surrounded by hills to the north and east; the local habitat is a mix of savanna woodlands, agriculture and remnant forest. There are shuttle services to and from Nairobi, Moshi and regular buses transport to Dar Es Salaam,Mwanza,Mbeya,Nairobi,Kampala,Juba,Kigali,Dodoma plus other local towns.
    Cuisines around Arusha city Nyama Choma
    is a typically tanzanian meal, made up of grilled meat on the BBQ and served with cooked bananas... yummy! This meal can be eaten almost everywhere in town (CET Garden, Arusha City Park...) Among other traditional meals: Machalari (bananas cooked in coconut sauce and served with vegies and meat)
    ,Ugali,Pilau, Biriani, Masala Fish (Arabic and Indian influence, originally found on the coast but now everywhere in the country). You will also find a wide range of world cuisines such as Japanese (Sazan), Indian (Impala Hotel, Vama...), Italian (Pepe’s) and gastronomic cuisine as well (Onsea, Bay Leaf). For “on-the-go” restauration (salads, sandwiches, espressos, cakes...): Via Via Café, Picasso, Damascus, Masai Café. If you crave some French cheese with a nice glass of wine, go to Michel’s Wine & Cheese, the place where to be! Time out in Arusha Via Via Café , Masai Camp Football games Empire, Greek Club. What to do/ see in Arusha city
    - visit snake park at Meserani near Arusha Airport or Arusha market (soko kuu ) - Mount Meru slopes walks (outside national parks), forests, waterfalls, monkeys, birds, - visit of a traditional village,Matunda cultural and Orphanage centres - visit Museums, Boma Museum and Arusha Declaration Museum.


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