Tindiga and Datoga of East Africa

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  • The Hadzabe live around Lake Eyasi to the south of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in northern Tanzania. They are the last remaining ancestors of the original hunter-gatherer tribes who first inhabited Tanzania.They are skilled hunters, and use a number of methods to attract game within range of their arrows, including the use of the horns of an antelope, attaching them to their heads while mimicking the animal’s characteristic bobbing walk, which draws other curious animals closer. Another method is to hide under an animal skin, and wait for vultures to land, when they can easily be caught. The Hadzabe supplement their diet with roots,plants, and honey. The Hadzabe are not a Bantu race like the other peoples of Tanzania, but have more in common with the San Bushmen found in the Kalahari Desert of southern Africa, nearly 2000 miles away. They tend to be small in stature, physically slight, and have lighter coloured skin than most Africans. Their language too contains many of the same click sounds as that of the Bushmen, although the two are not mutually intelligible. Although a number of researchers have concluded that their DNA is totally unrelated to that of the Bushmen, the surface similarities of both languages would imply an ancient root. Hunting and honey-gathering are predominantly male activities, while the women and children forage for roots or fruit. The Hadzabe are opportunists when it comes to hunting and their greatest delicacy is considered to be baboon. Baboon fur is also worn by the men, while the women usually wear impala skins. The huts are made of grass, woven by the women, and can be constructed in a matter of hours.

    What to do lake Eyasi (Hadzabe teritory )
    -Visit Hadzabe community to explore their ways of life . -Discovering plants used by Hadzabe for making poison arrows and ways used in extracting such potent poisonous exudates. -Identifying indigenous plants roots and tubers, fruits ,herbs leaves and wild seeds that are used for food and medicine by Hadzabe -Participate in hunting , collecting fruits ,wild honey gathering , Try your skills on using Hadzabe Bow and Arrow trying your luck in hunting activities. -Experience Bushmen trekking adventure , visit the Bushmen caves on Rocks with paints. -Fish with local fishermen in lake Eyasi

    Others to do with Datoga
    -Visit Datoga Tribe and have a glimpse of Datoga Culture. -Visit Datoga Blacksmith to experience ancient black smith skills -Visit Datoga traditional Healer and discover traditional herbs that cure various diseases.