Bagamoyo "World Heritage"

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  • Town of Bagamoyo was founded at the end of 18 century.A World Heritage site,located 45 miles north of Dar es Salaam.The word Bagamoyo (Bwaga-Moyo) mean Lay down your Heart in Swahili language. About 5 km south of Bagamoyo located Kaole ruins,the remains of Shirazi trading town.They date back to the thirteenth century. The ruins are of two mosques and several tombs.The building were constructed using coral stones.The site claims to be home to the first mosques in east Africa,Also an old Church tower, the oldest Roman Catholic Church in East Africa and central Africa built in 1868. Bagamoyo is an important cultural heritage site for Tanzania. Famous for its slave and ivory trade, Bagamoyo was also the first capital of Tanzania under German Colonial rule until it shifted in 1892 to Dar es Salaam.Today Bagamoyo is a centre for dhow sailboat building,A quiet village with a few German colonial buildings still standing.The Bagamoyo College of Arts (Chuo cha Sanaa) is an internationally famous arts college in Tanzania,teaching traditional Tanzanian painting,sculpture,drama,dancing and drumming.