Great lakes of East Africa

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  • The great lakes of East Africa comprise of a series of large water bodies in and around the Great Rift Valley formed by volcanic actions of the East Africa Rift valley.

    They include Lake Victoria.Lake Tanganyika and Lake Nyasa.Lake Victoria located between Uganda(southeast),Tanzania(northwest)and Kenya(southwest),is the second largest freshwater lake in the world after Lake superior in the US and the largest in Africa.

    Lake Tanganyika shared by Tanzania,Democratic Republic of Congo,Zambia and Burundi is the longest lake in the world(676km)and ranks as one of the deepest(1.5km deep).

    Is the 2nd largest lake in Africa after Lake Victoria.Lake Nyasa situated between Tanzania,Malawi and Mozambique hosts the richest fresh water fauna in the World-about 14% of the world’s fresh fish species,99% of which are found only in this lake.