Natron Oldonyo lengai mountain Attractions

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  • Ol’doinyo Lengai rises about 2,100 meters above the East African Rift Valley floor to a height approximately 2,880 m. The name Ol’doinyo Lenkai which means “Mountain of God” originates from the Maa language (the Maasai’s language) from Ngorongoro area. The Maasai people conduct prayers to God “Enkai” or “Engai” whom the Maasai believe is the Creator of all things on this active volcanic mountain. Ol’doinyo Lenkai is the only active volcanic mountain in the East African Rift Valley Region which attracts many geologists from all over the world who come for research. Scientifically, carbonated lava is dark brown upon extrusion, but reacts very rapidly and turns into moisture to hydrate, then to secondary alteration minerals that impart awhite colour to the rock. The Maasai believe that the “while rock” symbolizes thewhite beards of “Enkai”. Many tourists visit and climb this mountain which is located in Northern Tanzania every year. One should not underestimate this 9,442 feet long mountain, as it needs much determination to climb because of the steep walking. However, climbing Ol’doinyo Lenkai doesn’t require technical skills to get to the peak. At the summit, the small cones formed by lava can be seen on the crater rim. Despite the fact that Ol’doinyo Lenkai’s volcano erupts frequently there are no records of injuries or deaths. Geologists tell that Ol’doinyo Lenka’s lava is not as hot as other volcanoes lava recorded in the world. It takes three days to the summit of Ol’doinyo Lenkai. Lake Natron
    At the lowest point of the Rift valley in East Africa near Oldonyo lengai mountain sits Lake Natron a shallow soda lake. Volcanic activity releases Sodium Carbonate (Soda) which is washed down to this lake where evaporation causes high concentrations. This environment supports algae and zooplankton upon which the flamingos filter feed. The lake is highly alkali and thus is an ideal location for flamingos to feed and to breed while enjoying relative security from predators. Every evening thousands of pink flamingos fly overhead, exposing the deep garnet feathers under their wings. Surrounding the waters edge is a huge expanse of lake flats ideal for walks. Engare Sero River Gorge
    This spectacular gorge cut into the Rift Plateau meanders to exit at the Rift Wall. The river continues through volcanic sand entering Lake Natron under ground. Let us arrange half or full day walks up this gorge where you may enjoy numerous cold waterfall showers. The scenery is a unique blend of desert rock and lush tropical palms.