Lake Eyasi

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  • Though not really a game destination,But is a wild, scenically stunning area where you can get a real insight into the way of life of some of Tanzania's fascinating tribes,the Hadzabe and Datoga.
    Lake Eyasi is a salt lake situated between the Rift Valley's Eyasi escarpment and the Kidero Mountains, the lake stretches for about 31 miles to the southwest.

    To the northeast the horizon is dominated by the impressive Crater Highlands and to the north the plains of the Serengeti.The area around Lake Eyasi is home to the Hadza and tindiga (bushmen),some of the last remaining hunter-gatherers on the continent.

    The bushman live in groups hunting with bow and arrows and gathering roots, tubers and wild fruits.

    Their life is more attributed to that of the Stone age period. Another interesting tribe in the area is the Datoga. Come and explore more about the last remaining tribes of bushmen in East Africa. See their life so similar to how early man lived.