Tarangire national park(Baobab)

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  • Tarangire National Park lies 120 km south of Arusha .The park area is approximately 2,800 square km and offers a wide variety of wildlife throughout the year.

    Tarangire River,after which the park is named is the unique source of water for wildlife in the area.The park is famous for the vast number of majestic trees (baobab) that capture the eye once you enter the park,large number of Elephants.

    A safari to Tarangire offers you a chance to savour a real slice of True African wilderness. Huge herds of elephants, Impala ,giraffes, Predators such as lion,leopard,Tree climbing Pythons ,Bird species more than 550 varieties, all are present to fascinate visitors with their grace.
    is well known tree of Tropical Africa south of Sahara.In Tanzania it grows from the coast up to 1250 m. Prefers coastal bushland, deciduous bushland,woodland, wooded grassland, semi desert and often left standing in cultivated areas.

    In Tarangire the tree is mostly important for Elephants.Elephant eat barks for its salt content,serves as source of water for elephant in dry season.Other uses,Barks used for treatment of syphilis and roots for treatment of boils,fruits edible.