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  • Tanzania Cultural Programme was launched in 1997 to give local communities the opportunity to improve their economic livelihood by participating in tourism activities which now there are around 24 initiatives operating in various parts of the country. Tanzania is endowed with the rich cultural heritage of more than 120 ethnic tribes and the cultural tourism programes enables tourists to experience a unique insight into these people’s ways of life.

    It combines nature , scenery , folklore , traditional ceremonies , dances , rituals , story telling , art and handcrafts and is a most rewarding add on to a wildlife or beach based holiday.

    It is satisfying experience to leave the safari vehicle behind and walk through the lush tropical slopes of Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro while Waarusha , Wameru or Wachagga guides proudly describes their carefully cultivated ‘shambas’ with coffee , bananas , fruits , vegetables and diary cow farming.

    Discover how many steps it take to grow , pick ,dry ,roast , pound and brew fresh aromatic coffee. Participate in the process yourself before enjoying the taste and taking home your very personal packet of coffee.

    In the pastoral areas of the north you can follow the Iraqw , Barbaiq , and Maasai tracks to explore almost forgotten traditions and a way of life that is closely linked to nature and wildlife.Follow the famous drumbeats and let the Ndali dancers of southern Tanzania interpret the music and performances they inherited from their ancestors.

    Taste the local cuisine with all the culinary variations of Ugali , Makande , Machalari , Pilau , Chapati , and Nyama choma and sample the local brew .

    Sense the culture and history of the people of the Swahili coast . Explore the savannahs on camel back . Boat down a river or row on one of the many lakes , while listening to hair raising legendary tales .

    Paddle between mangroves and sail with the fishermen to prestine sandy islands . Climb a holly mountain oldonyo lengai in the Rift Valley then rest in the shade of a gigante Baobab tree .

    Meet the friendly inhabitants of Tanzania’s ‘Switzerland’ while hiking through the Usambara Mountains . Listen to a traditional healer’s diagnostic methods and obtain the correct remedial prescriptions . Admire ancient irrigation system or today’s craftsmanship.