Amani Nature Forest Reserve

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  • Established in 1997 to protect the flora and fauna of the East Usambara Mountains found in Tanga region, the nature reserve is now an eco-tourism attraction with an emphasis on walking and hiking.
    The area has a wonderful collection of birds , butterflies and plants some of which are only found here.
    It has been declared one of the 25 biodiversity hotspots in the world, containing a high concentration of endemic species. About 3,400 various species of vegetation have been recorded in the area, including about 650 different species of trees.
    Around 350 species of birds live in the East Usambara Forest, many of them rare and endangered. 23 species of African violets, 19 of them are found in Tanzania (the other four are in Kenya). it is possible to see four of the nineteen Tanzanian species in Amani nature reserve. Black and white colobus and blue monkeys , nine species of African violet and the Nduk eagle owl species which only found in Amani, are the among of the many highlights found in this reserve in Tanzania.