Dodoma Capital and Grapes

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  • The Region found at the heart of Tanzania.It lies at 4o to 7o latitude South and 35 Degree to 37 Degree longitude East bordering four regions, Manyara in the North, Morogoro in the East, Iringa in the South and Singida in the West.

    Dodoma is the national capital of Tanzania but most of the government offices located in Dar es Salam city. Parts of this region is a plateau rising gradually from some 830 metres to 2000 metres above sea level in the highlands north of Kondoa.

    Dominated with savanna type of climate, which characterized by long dry season lasting between late April and early December and short single wet season occurring during the remaining months.At the long dry season, persistent desiccating winds and low humidity contribute to high evapo transpiration and soil erosion.

    Temperature varies according to altitude but generally the average maximum and minimum is 31 and 18 Centigrade respectively. In June – August, temperatures are at times very high with hot afternoons up to 35 Centigrade and chilly nights on hilly areas down to 10 Centigrade.

    Dodoma is mostly famous for grapes production within entire country while other crops cultivated includes sorghum, millet, cassava maize, paddy, beans, and oil-seeds (groundnuts, Simsim, sunflower and castor.

    Apart from grapes production the region also endowered with the magnificant Universities in Tanzania such as University of Dodoma (UDOM)the biggest university around the country and central Africa, College of Business Education (CBE) ,Local Government Training Institute of Hombolo and St Johns University.