Mwanza Rock City

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  • Second largest city after Dar es Salaam located northen west part of Tanzania , southern of lake victoria and one of country’s major port on Lake Victoria.Dominated by Sukuma tribe by 90 percent while other ethnics involving Kurya, Kerewe, Jita and other groups which mostly involved in Cultivation of cotton and other crops, fishing, livestock keeping and commercial activities.

    Mwanza city contribute the growth of country economy through major activities which involves Port , fish industry, cotton production, tourism ,livestock while the famous university known as St Augustin University SAUT prepare the professional in different skills.

    The city makes a good base from which to explore nearby attractions Rubondo island national park, Saa nane island bird sanctuary

    all found within lake victoria, the bujora sukuma museum and also you may involve in local canoe ride in the lake victoria, fishing with local fishermen or Visiting fish market.

    Within lake victoria which lies between three country Kenya Uganda and Tanzania which also known as the source of Nile River found many small islands more than twenty seven.
    Lukuba island is the private island found in victoria which offer the best accommodation,more luxurious away the crowd and world noise.

    The lodge situated at the eastern side of the lake where fig and mahogany trees create green lush canopy which provides home for vervet monkey and agama lizard in this natural lovers paradise.Also offers boat ride, fishing and other activities.