Pangani (coastal town)

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  • Situated about 50 km south of Tanga close to Amani Natural reserve and north of Saadani, is a delightful village rich with historical sites and structures that reflects an influence of the Arabs, Germans, Indians and British in East Africa.

    Its mosque, ancient Arab buildings,Beautiful coral reefs that harbor great diversity of tropical marine life and a six km palm fringed sandy bay are mostly amazing. Birthplace of Tanzania’s sisal industry and once the major port for the export of slaves and ivory.

    Activities designed for visitors to experience the beauty and historical culture of Pangani includes;

    Historical walking tours leads you through numerous historical monuments, buildings and ruins, Visit the BOMA(British Overseas Management Administration), Slave market, British hospital, slave prison ruins and ruins of Asians houses.

    Cycle to the German fort through Mwera sisal Estates, Kikokwe, the first place where sisal was introduced in Africa by Dr. Richard Hindroph. Other cycling tour option are to Mkoma to see the Pemba channel, Mwanaunguja corals,Bombarded German warship and caves, or to the beaches of Ushongo.

    Take a cruise down the Pangani river. Going along stunning scenery of never ending coconut plantations and watch colourful birdlife.

    Take a boat trip to Maziwe Marine Park island for sun bathing, snorkeling and watching dolphins.

    Home stays, fishing with local fishermen or Home stay with swahili family, enjoy their food dress traditional,having your hair pleated and hands,feet painted in swahili style.

    A boat trip to Zanzibar on a local boat or An Agricultural tour leading you to the sisal estates and factories,Visiting the German tower overlooking pemba channel at kikokwe escarpment.

    Tour from town along the Funguni beach up to Mkoma to see oceanic rital caves,Visit Mwanaunguja corals and the forma area of the first port Bandari Shehe, On the way back see one of the first settlement areas on Boza escarpment and at night visit local disco and dance hall.

    How to reach there:

    Pangani can be reached via Muheza(42 km) or from Tanga (47 km)There are several daily buses departing from Tanga to Pangani and takes about two hours.Flights schedules from Dar es salaam,Arusha,Pemba,Zanzibar to Tanga.

    There are several beautiful Resorts and hotels/ lodges to stay includingMKOMA BAY BEACH CRAB RESORT PEPONI MULLERS MOUNTAIN LODGE.

    More information about planning to visit,Need any advice dont hesitate to ask us.Just drop us email.