Usambara Mountain Area

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  • This little known mountain range is one of the gems of the country,which situated in the north eastern part of Tanzania and the west of the coastal town of Tanga.Is the part of the Eastern Arc Mountains,Usambara known for the pleasant climate, beautiful viewpoints and fertile slopes,paradise for hikers bird-watchers and great scenery.Favoured by colonial rulers during dark time the area is rich in some historical buildings from that period.

    Things to offer

    Visit to panoramic viewpoint from the mountainside

    Visit to several development projects in district including soil conservation,Irrigation, Cross breeding,Forestation and Heath care.

    Climbing and hiking mongo mountain home to beautiful butterflies

    Walks through dense natural forest and along small rivers that race downhill with incredible natural biodiversity

    A glimpse of the history and daily life of the Wasambara farmers,and Visit to a traditional pottery village.