Why Visiting Tanzania

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  • Tanzania has an extraordinary range of natural wonders With such famous attraction and places as

    1. Mount Kilimanjaro "The Roof of Africa "the tallest free standing mountain in the World and the highest peak in the African continent located in Tanzania.

    2. Wildebeest Annual Migration, when some six million hooves pound the open plains of Serengeti,as more than 200,000 zebra and 350,000 gazelle join the wildebeest trek for fresh grazing occurs within Serengeti National Park that is located in the Northern Tourism circuit of Tanzania.

    3. Ngorongoro Crater is within Ngorongoro Conservation area in Tanzania,"The eighty wonder of the World" Area boasts the finest blend of landscapes, wildlife, people and archaeological sites in Africa.

    4. The crystal water ,Spectacular beaches and coral reefs of the romantic Islands of Zanzibar offers the best in East Africa, and especially in Tanzania.

    5. Historical Experience,Olduvai gorge(cradle of man kind) where the skull of a humanoid believed to be 1.75 million years old was discovered,

    Rock painting sites,Laetoli where discovered foot prints of the ancestors who lived there about 3.6 million years ago.

    Kilwa, the historical capital of the Swahili nation, an interesting place where incredible ruins of Husuni Mkubwa which are one of the earliest civilization in Tanzania, of the 14 century remains intact till today.

    Visit Zanzibar Island stone town and Bagamoyo Old town to learn how slave trade went through and the effects left behind.

    6. Cultural Experience, Tanzania's different tribes and cultures provides the best opportunity for tourists to experience different ways of life. Masai tribe of Tanzania are the one of fascinating feature of this multi faceted country, their characteristic red blankets,distinctive hairstyles and colorful jewellery.Datoga and the Hadzabe Bushmen of Lake Eyasi another most interesting tribes to, visit without forgetting the Swahili people and their local cuisines,all this in Tanzania.

    7. Wildlife Viewing is unique, Tanzania is the richest destination in the world with natural attractions which include its climate,wildlife,mountains,water falls and coastal zone.

    The large number of game,16 national parks,31 game reserves and 38 controlled areas

    its diversity,reliability and visibility are extra ordinary unique.

    8. Marine Experience, Tanzania offers underwater paradise for marine enthusiasts visiting Zanzibar Pemba and Mafia with many interesting reefs featuring shallow rocky areas that suddenly drop off into vertiginous crevasses.

    Your Welcome)to experience this wonderful land of Serengeti Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar found in EastAfrica.