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  • Empakai crater is one of the most beautiful craters in ngorongoro conservation area.From the crater rim you have a fantastic view in the craters' green paradise.The large portion of its floor is covered with a lake. It is 3200m above sea level, the wall rises 300m above the crater floor and the crater is about 8km in diameter.

    Because of high altitude, the area is often shrouded in mist and combined with the emerald colour of the lake, it creates an atmosphere straight out of a fairy tale. Is the unique place for walking to explore forested crater and magic of the variety of its wildlife and flora paradise.

    The views along the trail downwards are spectacular at every point. All along you can enjoy the changing views of Empakaai itself.

    In addition, from the northern and eastern side you can look out to the dramatic cone of the still active volcano, Oldoinyo Lengai. If the day is clear, you can look beyond Lengai to the Great Rift Valley and Lake Natron. Sometimes you can even see the distant snows of Kilimanjaro far on the eastern side of the Valley.

    On your way downwards to the lake you might see buffaloes or bushbucks, blue monkeys, many birds (like sunbirds and turacos). At the shore of the lake are often waterbucks and elands. It is a joy to walk around the lake shore, experiencing the serenity and quiet beauty of this wonderful place.