Amazing Africa continent

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  • Africa's third largest and most beautiful continent on Earth,Its landscapes,ancient history, People and their culture offers visitors an interesting melting pot. Since the appeal Sahara desert, the green rainforests of Tanzania, from the endless savannahs of Serengeti,the paradise islands of Zanzibar and Mafia of Indian Ocean,Kilimanjaro Mountain the highest point in Africa to the Great Lakes of East Africa covered with different Bird species including flamingos takes breath away. From the mysterious people in the arid mountains of the Mediterranean countries through the colorful villages of East Africa, the traveler will find people warm ,cheerful and welcoming, open and willing to help. Africa is considered the cradle of humanity, this is where you have found the oldest fossils of early hominids. Remains of Australopithecus, Homo habilis or Pithecanthropus have appeared in relative abundance in Africa soil, making Africa one of the key sites of Paleontology and where centuries immemorial great civilizations emerged here ,. Travel2Africa offers its programs this untamed Africa: from adventure travel for the more adventurous to accommodation stays more exclusive. the wonderful photographic safaris of Serengeti ,Ngorongoro and other Tanzania and Kenya Parks, the Romantic beaches of magical Islands of Zanzibar,Lake Tanganyika the deepest lake,Lake Victoria ,source of the legendary Nile River,Kilimanjaro Mountain ,are the most beautiful side of this continent.